About Me

I am Marjorie Weiss, a woman who entered a man’s professional world when I was ordained as a Lutheran pastor in 1980.  There were only about 200 others like me in the USA at that time. I both thrived throughout and survived 35 years of a career as a parish pastor, which is one of the highest burnout professions. I loved it. I hated it. I enjoyed being a voice for a Christianity that was more about love and grace than judgment and hell. I hated the isolation that went along with my career. 

               Eventually, I found myself with no real sense of God and still needing to work as a pastor in order to make a living.  Perhaps you are here because you have heard about my memoir, “Praying on Empty, A Female Pastor’s Story.”

This site is a place for me to interact with my readers.  I may talk about Christianity from a progressive/liberal faith perspective which means I do not subscribe to the formula:  “Accept Jesus or go to hell.”  It’s a place for me to continue to think deep thoughts about God and write about them or just about the odd and funny things that occur to me because this site is not all about religion. It’s a place for some of my short stories to land. I may talk about my passion for knitting or flower gardening. Star Trek may show up, too. Or cats, or my mission to try to save Monarch butterflies from extinction. I invite you in.

Please take note of the link on the Homepage to my Facebook page. It’s the little f in the upper right corner: Rev. Marjorie Weiss. You can connect with me there or via FB Messenger.

Here I am at Badlands National Park during the week I was volunteer chaplain at Chapel in the Hills In Rapid City, SD. https://www.chapel-in-the-hills.org/